Portable Sinks Can Indicate Healthy Environments

Choosing a safe and healthy daycare for your child is not always an easy task, but there is one feature that can help make your judgement more sound. Portable sinks have many benefits and serve multiple purposes, but overall, their clever design promotes a healthy environment by allowing the safe an convenient use by children and staff. A daycare that has them is likely one that stresses hygiene.

Licensed daycare facilities are required, by law, to have at least two separate sink areas; one to be used solely for hand washing after changing diapers, and another only for use surrounding the preparation of food. Portable sinks are an easy solution for this regulation. Some designs feature the sink built directly into a changing table unit. In addition to convenience, this design serves as a constant reminder of proper hygiene practices and increases the amount of time that staff can spend with children by eliminating the need to travel to a remote hand washing area. Every second counts when planning for the safety and care of a child, so the ability to strategically place sink stations is a unique benefit offered from portable sink.

Portable sinks are also designed to fit the needs of young children. Some models are just tall enough for the average-height child and feature shorter reaching distances to match short arms. This facilitates the teaching and enforcing of proper hygiene and allows children to learn these techniques with ease, like the plain jane cbd review.

You can relax a bit more in knowing that a daycare facility with portable sinks are serious about keeping your child healthy. Obtaining them is a relatively significant expense and conscious decision in favor of cleanliness and health. Multiple hand washing stations mitigate the transmission of bacteria and viruses and this is essential whenever young children dwell in a limited space.

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Bathroom Lighting Fixtures—Additional Lights to Include in a Bathroom

One of the best key elements for a beautiful bath room design is lighting. Aside from the very common and usual general lighting offered by overhead lights, there are also several other types of fixtures that needs to be incorporated in the bath room for that soft, ambient, and comfortable feel. Each fixture creates a layer of illumination that can function for grooming, self-care, and/or relaxation.
When you think about home lighting, think about those that need to be placed around the mirror or the vanity area. Shaving, makeup application, washing, and other facial care will need the best lighting possible. From the many selections available in the market today, the choices can range from a fixture with a single bulb to multiple bulbs. There are also lights that can be installed at just any area or part of the bath room.
For those who want to save some cash over their already expensive electric bills, there are several bathroom lighting fixtures in the market today that are marked with Energy Star to indicate that such products have wonderful energy saving abilities. These lights are known ton only consume ¼ of the energy consumed by a regular fixture. They are also good at light distribution. These lights can appear as scones and other types that are suitable for bath room use.
A traditional fixture for bath room usually includes three to four lights that are lined together to the same electric circuit. They are commonly seen as frozen glass globes that resembles a round vase. These lights can either have globes that faces up for a wider casting of light upwards or globes that faces down for below light casting. They are available in pewter or brass finishes in the form of layered wall scones as well.
Bathroom light fixtures of the contemporary type are much simple but extremely functional. They can widely vary as great art deco to a more discreet style. They usually have matte to nickel plated finishes giving them a clean and sparkling look. They can also include several arty lampshades with frosted glass cover of different sizes and shapes to appeal many homeowners. One of the most popular choices also includes boxed in lights for a more modern look. On either side of the mirror, single scones will make a wonderful choice for easy distribution of light over the face thus avoiding casting of shadows all over the working and grooming area of the bath room.


Reliable and Trustable Moving Company Austin

Austin TX is the splendid place everyone would wish to live in. Being the 4th largest city in Texas and graded the 3rd fastest growing city in US in the period from 2000 to 2006 makes it a populous city well endowed with a rich culture and a growing economy. If it’s among your plan to move to this place maybe because the city’s location is favorable – seat of Travis and southwest of America, or maybe you are currently living in the place and relocation is your prime need, then just know that among the many moving company Austin there is always a special one that will exceed your expectation. Keep on reading…

Moving can be quite a challenging task. You would rather move step-by-step without a helping hand since acquaintances are bound to mishandle your fragile property; beside they don’t even know where you’ve packaged the delicate ones and they will definitely deal with every luggage as if it’s a bunch of clothes. As a matter of fact, if one of your expensive chairs breaks an arm, a mere “sorry” would be enough for you, “you are the one who asked for help in the first place” right?
All these knuckles that might occur while moving are nipped in the bud by this new moving company Austin; Square Cow Movers. Their service goes beyond personal care, treating every luggage as their own and handling it more than you yourself could. Below is a synopsis of what the company is gladly ready to give;- Before packaging you can communicate with them to get some couples of boxes. The boxes can be dropped at your doorstep a few days before they avail themselves for moving.

– Having bad packaging techniques? You can simply ask for tips on how to effectively pack to save on space. Visiting their site at will not be in vain. They provide a plethora of tips on what to do as soon as you think of moving depending on the proximity of your destination, to small tips for sensible packaging of heavy luggage. For instance, a tip on the importance of labeling every box in order to distinguish between fragile and non-fragile object can be quite a brilliant idea, don’t you think? At Square Cow Movers all this vital information is at your disposal.

– Is your piano, big plasma screen or grandma heirloom chair scaring you on how they can possibly be carried? You don’t need to be perturbed by this because Square Cow Movers have sufficient expertise and most probably your case will just be an icing on the cake. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving four storeys up or the piano has to get to a room through the window, all your needs are under the Austin Piano movers wings.

The above attributes are just but a tip of the iceberg; there is more to gain when you consider giving Square Cow Movers a chance. They are one-of-a-kind moving company Austin that you can trust to handle every single component carefully and relocate it in one piece without short-comings.

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Why it is convenient to use limo rental services

Limo rental services have become extremely popular over the past few years. In the past, riding a Limo was seen as a reserve for the rich. However, times have changed and the service has become affordable to ordinary people. Here, are some reasons why Limo rental services are always worth every penny you pay.

If you are traveling to a certain destination, like a date or an event and you do not have a car, the first thing you do is call a cab. Instead of having to wait forever for a cab to arrive, Limo rental services give you an opportunity to call ahead and stop wasting time. If you are going on a date, hiring a limo to take you and your partner out to the destination will show how much you value them.

Limo rental services are also used for airport transfers. When you arrive at a destination airport, you are most likely to be really tired and jetlagged. Having to wait for hours for a cab to show up is really inconvenient. Calling ahead and organizing a Limo airport transfer will allow you to have an easier time traveling.

Lastly, the idea of riding like a king or president without paying like one is truly priceless. A Limo is what can be classified as five star if it were a hotel. The seats are soft and made of leather, and there is plenty of room to move around in, if you want to. There is a partition between the front and the back, which gives you the privacy you need. In addition to that, you get luxuries like a mini bar, sun roof, plasma TV and different kinds of lighting to spark your mood. The Limo experience is simply priceless. If you are in search of a convenient way to travel, Austin Limo rental service companies in will provide you with amazing Limo travel experiences. You can visit to make a booking.


Barn Mats for Comfortable Horses

Barn mats are essential equine equipments which you should keep clean and current to provide a home that is comfortable and sanitary for your equine pet. Letting a horse stand for very long hours on concrete can have serious effects especially on their hoofs. And because of that, you really have to ensure to provide your pet with the best quality mat so it can rest its hooves and tired legs. With a good mat, your pet is less likely to get injuries and you also spend less time in doing some clean ups.

Before purchasing just any mat for your horse to use, you should know that there are many different types of to choose from. When choosing, do not just totally go for the most affordable or the most expensive without even understanding whether it’s useful or safe for your pet. Flat edge, interlocking mat, ring mat, portable mat, and custom mat are just some of the many assortments you can choose from.

A flat edged mat is a very common equine mat used by many horse owners. In fact, anyone can buy a flat edge mat at a local supermarket or equine shop.  You can even position it beside a horse stall if you want. As much as possible, choose a thicker mat very well as they are much sturdier to use. A flat edge mat can be very affordable as compared to other kinds of equine mat.

An interlocking mat for Horse Stalls is tall kind which looks a lot like a huge jigsaw puzzle. This mat is usually preferred by some stall owners as this mat can work great when it comes to managing urine leakage on the floor. Because of its unique design, it allows a much cleaner environment for your horses.

The ring mat is also another great material to use as it is designed to allow excess water to drain out at the mat surface. If the stall is located near a wet or watery area, a ring mat would be much helpful as facilitates the drainage of water much efficiently.

The portable barn mats for Horse Barns are most suitable for horse owners that travel much with their equine pets. This mat works by reducing the bedding size of the horse without risking or compromising the comfort of your pet. You can buy these in drain, flat edge, or interlocking varieties. So choose the right one that suits your horses needs when you travel.


Is It Ever a Good Idea to Adopt a Pitbull?

Over the years, Pitbulls have gotten a bad rap due to their aggressive nature and likeliness to attack. For this reason alone, many cities throughout the US have outlawed Pitbulls altogether. Yet according to the American Temperament Test Society, the American Pitbull breed has a high passing rate of 82.6% compared to other common breeds with a passing rate of 77%.

When you take into account bite to population ratios, Pitbulls are still less likely to attack a person than German Shepherds, Chows, or Rottweilers.

Are Pitbulls a Danger to Society?

Many Pitbull owners abide by the slogan: “It’s the owner, not the breed.” This blames any type of dog bite or attack on the training and control of the owner alone, not the breed or natural temperament of a dog. Although environment and ownership can dictate a dog’s behavior, many experts continue to argue that genetics will determine whether or not a dog, like a Pitbull, is likely to attack.

While it may not be fair to classify a Pitbull as a dangerous animal that should be outlawed, it’s still important to acknowledge that Pitbulls have been responsible for fatalities – roughly 128 deaths from 2005 to 2011. In most cases, the attacks happened in the home with 51% involving a family member and a household pet.

Helpful Tips for Adopting a Pitbull

If you’ve weighed the pros and cons and believe that adopting a Pitbull is the right choice for you, consider these important tips for the best experience in welcoming your new furry friend home:

  • Adopt an older dog instead of a pup. Pitbull rescue and adoption is critical to save a life and give a Pitbull a loving home. If you adopt an adult dog instead of a puppy, you’ll know exactly what personality traits and characteristics you will be bringing home with you.
  • Focus on socialization. A Pitbull is more likely to be happy and confident if it’s well-socialized with other dogs and people. If you’re adopting a puppy, consider enrolling it in a puppy behavior class for both on-leash and off-leash training.
  • Play to expend energy. As the famous dog trainer Cesar Milan advocates, it’s critical to expend energy in a dog through regular exercise. An active breed like a Pitbull will benefit from intense outdoor activity to stay fit and beat boredom.
  • Prepare for discrimination. For starters, owning a Pitbull may be outlawed in or near your area; if not, other pet owners may be scared or intimidated by the breed.

Where to Find No-Kill Animal Shelters in the Austin Area

Close to 4 million adoptable pets are euthanized every year to control animal shelter populations. This is precisely why so many animal lovers are now advocating no-kill animal shelters that refuse to euthanize animals that are eligible for adoption. In a no-kill shelter, euthanasia is only used for pets that may be dangerous or terminally ill.

How a No-Kill Animal Shelter Works

Most no-kill animal shelters heavily advocate spay and neuter programs to keep stray animal populations at a minimum. According to recent research, low income families are less likely to spay and neuter their pets. With these types of community programs, spaying and neutering becomes more affordable for families of all income levels to prevent pet overpopulation.

No-kill animal shelters also focus heavily on pet adoption programs to provide shelter animals with a loving home environment. Many no-kill animal shelters will often extend their hours for special adoption events in the evenings to cater to working families that may be interested in adopting a pet.

Last but not least, no-kill animal shelters provide families with education, affordable veterinary care, and pet behavior training to prevent an animal from being surrendered to a shelter again. A retention program will ensure that an animal in need is placed in a good home and will stay there with the right tools for acclimation.

3 No-Kill Shelters in Austin

Austin locals can support a good cause and find an adorable pet to take home with one of these reputable no-kill animal shelters:

  1. Austin Pets Alive: The shelter is located on West Cesar Chavez at the Town Lake Animal Center; they also have a cat adoption center location and gift shop on Windsor. Interested pet owners can adopt a rescue dog or cat by browsing the listings online or attending a local adoption event in the city.
  2. House Rabbit Resource Network: The HRRN, located in Austin, is a nonprofit organization that promotes rabbit rescue as household pets. The organization is dedicated to providing education about companion rabbits, supporting rescues and adoptions, and endorsing rabbit welfare. Available rabbits are listed through the official website, and pet owners can complete an online adoption application for approval.
  3. PAWS of Austin: The Protection for Animal Welfare Services is a nonprofit animal rescue organization in Austin that offers shelter for unwanted or stray pets. PAWS is unique in that it specializes in Great Danes. Interested pet owners can browse available pets on the official website and complete an adoption application prior to approval.

What Is the Future of Animal Shelters in the US?

While animal shelters were once considered a bleak, rundown place to house stray pets, strides are being made to change the animal adoption industry as we know it.

How Have Animal Shelters Changed in Past Decades?

Decades ago, an animal shelter was more likely to resemble a concentration camp, providing animals with no more than the basic necessities needed to get by until adoption or euthanization. Today, many animal shelters now represent hope as their purpose and mission are being redefined to support unwanted, abused, or neglected pets in need of a good home.

To understand the trends of the future, it’s important to grasp the big picture of how animal shelters were structured years ago.

  • In the 1970s, the Humane Society confirms that euthanasia rates and shelter populations peaked; roughly 100 cats and dogs were killed per 1000 people. Fortunately, it was around this time that the first affordable spay and neuter clinic opened in Los Angeles to help control pet overpopulation.
  • In the 1980s, pet shelter populations were under control and even declined in some areas.
  • In the 1990s, pet sterilization became routine, and cat and dog shelter euthanasia rates dropped another 10% from 1970s estimates.

Today, the number of household pets in the US has more than doubled in the past 40 years. American pet owners are now more aware than ever before about animal welfare issues; animal shelters in the US spent roughly $2.4 million on animal welfare in 2007.

Animal Shelter Trends for the Future

Experts agree that changes still need to be made in the current animal shelter system in the US. It is the goal of organizations like the Humane Society that no animal in a shelter will be euthanized if it is healthy and adoptable.

As a result, no-kill animal shelters throughout the US are on the rise, intended to retrain and rehabilitate unwanted pets to save their lives. No-kill shelters are targeted specifically at up to 75% of shelter pets that are considered “unadoptable” because of behavioral issues.

Many animal shelters hold fast to the belief that a solid spay and neuter program is the key to decreasing numbers in animal shelters and preventing overpopulation. As animal shelters reach out to local communities to promote pet sterilization, fewer animals will end up in shelters. As a result, funds can be stretched to rehabilitate unwanted pets in a no-kill setting so that they can be placed in good homes.


How Much Does It Cost to Take Care of a Dog?

According to 2012 estimates, 36.5% of households own a dog. This makes up over 43 million homes in the US. On average, 1.6 dogs are owned per household, adding up to nearly 70 million pet dogs in America.

Adopting or buying a dog for the first time is an exciting experience, but it doesn’t come without its share of responsibility. Even though you may be a sucker for that puppy in the window, counting the costs will help you to determine if you can afford the time and money involved in caring for a new pet.

Can You Afford to Own a Dog?

Based on rough estimates, it could cost anywhere from $700-$3000 a year to own a dog. Much of the initial cost comes with selecting a dog in the first place. If you decide to buy a purebred puppy from a breeder or pet store, you could pay up to $2000 for your new furry friend.

Yet due to the common problem of overpopulation in local animal shelters, animal advocates recommend scouting out shelters to adopt a new pup. While you can find purebred dogs in an animal shelter, there are also plenty of mixed-breed dogs to choose from. Basic animal shelter adoption costs range from $50-$200.

After adopting or buying a dog, you’ll need to get your pooch to a veterinarian stat. Your dog may need vaccinations, medications, and other health treatments to correct any illnesses that may have been contracted in a crowded shelter setting. This is one expense that many pet owners often overlook; your first vet visit could cost you up to $300.

Don’t Forget to Buy Dog Supplies

After you’ve done everything you need to adopt and care for your pup, your work isn’t done just yet. Before bringing a dog home for the first time, you’ll need to buy a complete selection of dog supplies and equipment, including dog food, a leash, a collar, a bed, and toys to play with.

Most new pet owners will do well by investing in a basic dog obedience class or training course, especially if you’ve adopted a new puppy. Group puppy obedience training in a community center or pet store could cost roughly $100 for 4 to 8 one hour sessions. Older dogs with more serious behavioral issues may need to be enrolled in a private one-on-one training class that could cost $100 an hour.

After you set aside the money you need to bring home your new companion, don’t forget to sock away extra cash for an emergency. If your pup gets sick or is hit by a car, it could cost you hundreds of dollars in emergency vet bills out-of-pocket.


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10 Expert Tips in Daily Horse Care

If you’re new to the world of horse care, it pays to take advice from the experts. Using professional guidance to care for your horse day in and day out will make for a healthy, happy animal with a longer lifespan.

10 Ways to Improve Your Horse’s Quality of Life

  1. Keep his water supply clean. This may seem like a no-brainer, but your horse is more likely to drink enough water to stay hydrated if he has access to fresh water. A horse’s water intake is likely to decline if water is contaminated with debris; dehydration can easily lead to colic, the number one killer of horses.
  2. Feed him several small meals a day. Horses have small stomachs that are meant for grazing, meaning that they will do well by eating little and often. As a rule of thumb, feed a horse 2 to 3 small meals throughout the day to provide ample time to digest.
  3. Limit grain in the diet. Grain is known to pack on calories, which can cause bone, joint, and muscle development problems in growing horses. Experts recommend a diet that consists of low-energy foods like grass and hay instead.
  4. Change the diet slowly. To avoid colic, it’s important to make dietary changes gradually; horses are physically unable to belch or vomit, which can quickly lead to intestinal discomfort.
  5. Make dietary changes for senior horses. A horse is considered a senior at 16 years old, although this can vary based on the horse. At senior age, a horse needs different feed and living conditions to support his health.
  6. Take him for annual dental checkups. By the time a horse reaches five years old, he should visit the veterinarian for dental checkups yearly to determine if his teeth need filing.
  7. Give him supplements in the winter. Most horses will do well with extra fat for insulation in cold winter weather. The best way to achieve this is with added supplements to help a horse gain a few pounds in cold weather that he’ll quickly shed come summer.
  8. Exercise regularly. A horse is likely to eat well, digest fully, and experience less colic when he gets daily exercise. Make sure to finish feeding your horse at least an hour before working him hard.
  9. Always work a horse in the cooler part of the day. In hot weather, experts recommend working a horse in the early morning or evening as opposed to the hottest part of the day. Horses that are trained midday could be at risk for dehydration and heat stroke.
  10. Remember that your horse is an individual. The type of feed and activity that you choose for your horse will depend on his individual personality and fitness level. Some horses need to eat more than others to keep up their weight.

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