Portable Sinks Can Indicate Healthy Environments

Choosing a safe and healthy daycare for your child is not always an easy task, but there is one feature that can help make your judgement more sound. Portable sinks have many benefits and serve multiple purposes, but overall, their clever design promotes a healthy environment by allowing the safe an convenient use by children and staff. A daycare that has them is likely one that stresses hygiene.

Licensed daycare facilities are required, by law, to have at least two separate sink areas; one to be used solely for hand washing after changing diapers, and another only for use surrounding the preparation of food. Portable sinks are an easy solution for this regulation. Some designs feature the sink built directly into a changing table unit. In addition to convenience, this design serves as a constant reminder of proper hygiene practices and increases the amount of time that staff can spend with children by eliminating the need to travel to a remote hand washing area. Every second counts when planning for the safety and care of a child, so the ability to strategically place sink stations is a unique benefit offered from portable sink.

Portable sinks are also designed to fit the needs of young children. Some models are just tall enough for the average-height child and feature shorter reaching distances to match short arms. This facilitates the teaching and enforcing of proper hygiene and allows children to learn these techniques with ease, like the plain jane cbd review.

You can relax a bit more in knowing that a daycare facility with portable sinks are serious about keeping your child healthy. Obtaining them is a relatively significant expense and conscious decision in favor of cleanliness and health. Multiple hand washing stations mitigate the transmission of bacteria and viruses and this is essential whenever young children dwell in a limited space.

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